Many services are out there.  Some have been doing this truly longer than Aspen Sound.  Others just got into this arena.  It has not hurt that the internet, MP3 files, cheaper and more intelligent equipment are now available.  Back in 1982, CDs were not even a public reality, now in 2013, some kids have not even heard of a cassette tape, not to mention LP or 45 records.

Technological innovations are wonderful and have enhanced what we can do.  Still a foundation rooted in knowledge, not only of the content, but also of people is very much required in any service industry.  Many aspiring DJ entertainers are looking for glory or to satisfy their egos.  I would be lying if I said that was nowhere to be found in my initial desire for this role.  When one transcends the first hurdle of desiring fame or other prurient interests, the maturation process is a true transformation into a professional.

Some start out as technological wizards or music lovers and narrowly focus on the equipment or content.  Surely, a nice growth out of the knowledge has its true benefits for the client.  A natural blend is necessary to truly be in the sense, professional.  This well-rounded being can ascend quickly, naturally become more aware in the ways through trial and error, or some never comprehend why their efforts do not succeed as rapidly as expected.

I wish never to disparage anyone, but this scenario presents itself in many walks of life.  After literally thousands of events and probably encountering a million people in my business ventures, I have come to realize how important listening truly is.  A great man, my father, said to me, “You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as hard as you talk.”  He is a successful salesman, trainer and manager of people, (and an excellent grandfather as well.)  Over the years, I have slowly heeded his lessons in salesmanship.  His love for me and desire to see my own success was almost lost on me until I was in my 30’s.  Sometimes when wisdom is so close, we fail to see it in clear view.

You are the real reason for my continued desire to entertain and also my past prosperity.  Without an audience, no matter how expertly I transition the songs or manipulate the lighting, it is as silly as the old question about the tree falling in the forest.  My strong roots as a musician were the basis for fiddling with the equipment around the house.  Even as a young child, my mother had witnessed me clapping my hands in time, in front of the “phonograph.”  When I received a cassette recorder for Christmas, my grandmother did not know what kind of monster was to be unleashed.  Okay, I admit it; I like the sound of my own voice.

Being shy, I never really had the idea of performing live in front of people.  In band or chorus, that was fine, but solo…never.  My thought was to be behind the scenes, or at least locked in a studio without any eyes, just ears to hear.  I often wondered what the famous jocks on the radio looked like.  When I saw pictures of some, it took me by surprise.  Sort of like after reading a novel, and then seeing the movie, “Why did they cast him for the role?”  Or “That isn’t my vision of what the setting was.”

Then it happened, I was almost forced to do it.  In my junior high, a boy took ill, later it was discovered he had brain cancer.  He could not continue as lead in the play.  I was cast, even though I was not originally going to be in the production.  As the performances were drawing near, I had to ramp up and lead!  My nervousness was diminished and accolades came my way.  It all spiraled from there.

I enjoy helping everyone celebrate or just take in the ambiance that my selections emote.  My thoughts are that my psychology courses in college did some good.  Over the years my ability to ascertain what others need, has been helpful in coming to the point more quickly.  I’m no genius, but I seem to fool many when my experience advances the spontaneous fun desired.

If you have any concerns, I suggest writing down your Top 10, (sorry David Letterman for the plagiarism of intellectual property) and pose them to all the likely prospects you are interviewing.  Choose the service that makes you most comfortable.  It will allow you to move forward to filling the details with your DJ and remove another item from your “to-do” list.

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