Selecting Your Wedding Songs

“I know little or nothing about music, now I’m planning my wedding and I feel overwhelmed!!!” Sounds like you? Even from the simplest of ceremonies to a full mass, a cocktail / appetizer reception, or an elegant sit down dinner with dancing until midnight, you will have help from the professionals that you hire to provide or perform the music to complement your needs.

With a great amount of emphasis on the day of your wedding, usually most people will remember the highlights about the whole day. The ceremony, specifically the look of the church and the beautiful bride. As far as the music, this must be scripted, this will make the rehearsal go smooth as well. Make sure that you are planning the music to please you. The guests will appreciate the uniqueness of your choices. Discuss all of your options with the ceremony professionals to coordinate and include key elements that you do not want to overlook.

Next they remember the meal, its quality and presentation. Some well thought out instrumental or light background music will top this portion off. The rest of the evening will be momentous due to the events and dancing that you can help conceive.

You love music, but have no idea how to choose ALL the songs for the reception too! This is really where a seasoned DJ earns his fee. The burden is not upon you to “script” the reception. In fact, that usually can be as detrimental as no planning at all. Your input is always recommended to any level you feel comfortable. Specific details, such as First Dance, Father/Bride dance, Mother/Groom Dance, and other classic “wedding” events should be addressed and given to your DJ before the big day.

You still have some favorite songs, and maybe special occasions to mention. Feel free to supply those too. Don’t over think the music list, if your guests want to make requests, they probably will, make sure your DJ is open to suggestions from the crowd that night as well. Generally, you should allow for the early part of the dancing to start out slow and gradually progress faster as a warm up of your guests. Testing “the waters” it then becomes easier to read the crowd for your DJ. And then having somewhat of a plan for the next set or so. Still having the flexibility to change direction at anytime, allows for a more enjoyable evening for everyone.

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