Find The Right Music For Your Wedding

Congratulations! You have set the date, the church is available and you just booked the location for your reception. The next step, the music! You have decided to get a DJ, but what kind do you really need? Here are some helpful hints as you search for the DJ that is right for you.

Before contacting a DJ, have the following information ready: the date, times, location, size of room, special music, number of guests, special options (i.e. ceremony music.) This can help them better understand your needs. Most DJ’s do this on the weekend, usually they have something else that occupies their time during the weekdays. It is a pretty safe bet to contact them in the evenings. Request that they send information outlining the details discussed, and a brochure about their services.

Professional attire, tuxedo or suit should be worn by your DJ. There are many ways to audition your DJ, such as a personal interview, watching a video, or even seeing them perform live (with permission from the clients prior.)

Taking into consideration, meetings, preparation, travel, set-up / breakdown times, music, lighting, and equipment, the average price for an evening, is usually in the range of $50 to $150 per hour with some DJ’s having a minimum number of hours required. With a signed contract and deposit ($100 or more), the date is set on both of your calendars.

If you have further questions please contact Aspen Sound at (815) 399-0075 or email

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