“I have had an active musical background, Trombone, French Horn, Piano and Vocals. My disc jockey experience is a conventional blend of radio and mobile work. After getting asked to DJ for my high school dance in 1982, I caught the DJ bug. From 1982-1987, I worked as an On-Air personality, Production and at Live-Remote events for a variety of radio stations in the Chicago and Suburban area.  In 1987, during college I found part-time work with a mobile DJ company and really learned the ropes.  Within 3 months I was also doing sales and marketing for them and found that I really enjoyed getting to know my clients.  After my own wedding, I found that I desired to run my own company and do things differently.  In 1991 I started Aspen Sound.  With well over 3000 weddings, and various entertainment events in the Chicagoland area, and throughout the Midwest, I know I have proven myself as a professional in the industry and all facets of this enterprise.”

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