We have had the pleasure of handling the entertainment at hundreds of reunions over the past 25 years.  Some have been for families, organizations and schools.  Most common is a 10 year high school class.  The nice thing about them is that we have the ability to turn the “way-back machine” on, and revisit the sounds of that era.  In 2013, we would typically focus on music from 1999-2003.  Choosing songs from all genres, popular nationally and locally.  It really helps to have some theme songs known from Homecoming and Prom.  Many other events, such as video presentations set to music, can be incorporated.  A great deal of groups have had this done by a techno-savvy classmate or outsourced service.  We can supply the audio; either live on-site, or coordinate ahead of time to assist in post-production.

Not that a 10 year reunion is our only experience, 5, 20, 25, 30, 40, 40 & 50 year events have been on our list of eagerly awaiting groups that have us as the undercurrent of the night.  Not desiring to intrude, we keep things low-key early on and usually play non-danceable songs as you arrive.  Progressing to a more palatable selection while you dine.  Some have full sit-down catered meals, but others employ food stations, as more of appetizer flair.  Whatever you are planning, either on your own or with a hired event coordinator, we can assimilate in to your plans.  Catering to the nuances of the setting, memories and desired outcome.

Once any announcements and acknowledgements have taken place, (usually commemorating those who have traveled the farthest, have been married the longest, etc.)  We shift gears into promoting an atmosphere of dancing.  Some consider this to still be a “time warp” and we should strictly play “retro” music all night.  This can be done, but hey!, you live in the current world too and we are more than happy to oblige with the tunes that have transpired since you tossed your cap into the air as the band played “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Some groups hire a photographer to take a wide angle group photo.  We will obviously assist in gathering everyone up for that ad makes sure your spouses or dates are entertained by the process as well.  We would love to help with this “once in a lifetime” happening become more fulfilled by what our services can offer.

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