Please complete this form which requests the names of the bridal party and family members as they wish to be announced at the beginning of dinner. Please list any phonetics. Please include your first dance selection, any special announcements and song requests. Please submit this form at least two (2) weeks prior to your wedding date.

Wedding Date

Reference# (Starts with 2010 or 2011)



Grandparents Of The Bride

Grandparents Of The Groom

Parents Of The Bride

Parents Of The Groom


Bridesmaid 1

Groomsman 1

Bridesmaid 2

Groomsman 2

Bridesmaid 3

Groomsman 3

Bridesmaid 4

Groomsman 4

Bridesmaid 5

Groomsman 5

Bridesmaid 6

Groomsman 6

Bridesmaid 7

Groomsman 7

Bridesmaid 8

Groomsman 8

Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

Maid Of Honor

Best Man

Bride & Groom

(Please be specific as to how you would like to be announced.)

Theme songs?

Please list the title (if applicable) and name of person that will deliver a prayer or blessing before dinner

Please list any name(s) that will propose a toast at dinner, i.e. Best Man, Father of the Bride

Special announcements, Birthdays, or Anniversaries, to be acknowledged during the reception

Your musical selections are important to Aspen Sound. Please tell us your first dance selections and also,a few of your favorite song requests. Your guests will be invited to make their own requests at your reception as well. After your first dance, we will ask the parents and Bridal Party to join in, unless otherwise specified. Contact us with any questions about your music. We recommend that these first few songs be slow ballads to help warm up your guests to dancing.

1st Dance (Bride & Groom)

2nd Dance (Parents & Bridal Party)

3rd Dance (Everyone)

Bride/Father Dance

Groom/Mother Dance

There are “standard” wedding songs and events that we get more than the occasional request to do.
Please click your favorites. If you have “strong” feelings do not hesitate to let us know.
We will not play the song or perform the event unless you check it below.

Hokey Pokey Chicken Dance Sweetheart Dance Macarena Shout Celebration

Electric Slide Hand Jive Boot Scoot Boogie Y.M.C.A. Stroll New York, New York

Bouquet Toss Garter Removal (Song?) Garter Replacement Dollar Dance


Please list the titles, artists, and special instructions for any crucial songs.

Song           Artist           Instructions