Being that this is my first attempt at an informative correspondence, I wanted to offer some background to my newer clients and associates, as well as refresh my longtime supporters and friends.

I, Rob Wilderman, have been involved with music and electronics as a hobby for as long as I can remember. My grandmother didn’t know what she started by giving me a cassette recorder for Christmas one year. I recorded the album that was on her record changer that cold day in the early ‘70s. I also recall that I included my own voice introducing the songs. I didn’t sound like John “Records” Landecker, but it was start.

After many years of collecting music and making tapes for my friends, I was asked to do some music for a party at school. I “borrowed” funds from my dad to get a microphone and mixer to do live DJ work. I had a blast and made my decision that I wanted to be a radio DJ.

In high school and college, I was involved in production and on-air. I did some intern work at a couple of Chicago stations, but after realizing that I would probably work for peanuts, radio was losing its appeal.

One of my college friends worked on the weekends doing live DJ work. He was moving and told me to call his boss and see if I could get a job. I had a great time going to college while working at weddings and other functions. After learning more about the real business of the DJ entertainment industry, I was offered a position as Assistant Manager.

From cold calls, follow-up, meetings, and consultations, I was feeling responsible for running the daily duties of the company. We had 10 DJs to schedule and it was very consuming of my life, to the point that I quit college. Loving every minute of the work, I overlooked my own personal happiness.

Desiring to move closer to the office, I found myself in Arlington Heights. My new roommate had a dog. He took frequent business trips on the weekends, and I worked. He asked our neighbors across the hall if they would watch his dog. The three ladies took turns, but it seemed more often that Kris was at our apartment waiting for one of us to get home after a late Saturday night.

She and I had great conversations, until all hours of the morning. I felt so comfortable with every aspect about her, that we started dating. Two months later, I proposed and was planning a wedding.

We were married in March of 1991. I had a great time being the groom, but my outlook changed on the business. Because of the difference in philosophy that my boss and I had, I went my own way and started Aspen Sound the following August.

Networking with certain DJs and furthered relationships with diverse industry professionals, I kept myself busy. After a while things grew. I started being able to act as a booking agent and return the favor to my colleagues. My family grew as well, Katie was born in July of 1993. And in April of 1996 Alyssa made us realize that a larger place to live was in order.

We started building a house one year ago and last April we moved into our new home. Now I don’t have to keep Kris or the girls up while I do my work on the computer. I have been able to set up an office. The new address and phone numbers are above on the letterhead.

I have also made an attempt, still being modified, at a website. If you are interested please check it out. I would be happy if any of you with more expertise, could offer some tips to improve it.

You are all a vital part of my continued success and I want to thank you. I have received cards and letters from some of my past clients. It is fun to see you at your friends and family wedding or the company party. I hope to see you all soon. Thanks again for being strong continued supporters of Aspen Sound!

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