We have a variety of lighting to enhance the energy of the room. Fill lights to illuminate the dance floor, an elegant mirrored ball with pin spot lights, chasing par cans, flashing strobes, black lights, floor sweeping and digitally controlled effects, intelligent laser show, as well as non alarm triggering fog machines. These can be floor mounted, hung on speaker stands, on a tripod with cross bar, or on a 5/10 foot trussing system. We will not be altering any structure of your banquet facility, totally self mounting and safe. Mixing and matching these we can create a variety of different moods to carry themes throughout an event. You will be pleased with this addition to your music package.

4 Can Fill Light Tree (Red/Green/Yellow Blue) $ 50/tree
Mirrored Ball and Pin Spots (choice of colored gels) $ 50/event
Chasing Par Can Light Tree (Red/Green/Yellow Blue) $ 50/tree
Flashing Strobe (70 watts) $ 10/lamp
Black Light (24” Fluorescent Tube) $ 10/lamp
Digital Tree with 4 effects   $ 50/tree
Digital Tree with 8 effects   $100/tree
Intelligent Laser Show   $250/event
Fog Machine (with no-smoke fog juice) $ 25/event

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