In 1991 after working for another company in the DJ entertainment industry, I needed a name after being drawn into working for myself. I knew someone who used his daughter’s name and made newly engaged couples melt when she came into the office to say good night, and then he would explain how he named his company after her. At the time I had no children, and I thought of my Irish Setter dog who I had for over 13 years.

I had to put her to sleep in 1990 and I missed her very much. My friends and family agreed with my choice to use her name to keep her memory alive. Being an only child, she was like a sister to me. She was named for the color of the aspen tree leaves in fall. She was owned by a college girl who came home with her puppy, and was forced to give her up because her parents had another dog. It would not be possible to keep this 6 month old pure bred. My parents offered to give her a home and me a best friend. She was always with me when I was playing with the other kids in the neighborhood or running alongside when I delivered my newspaper route. I was 22 when she started having hip problems and to stop her suffering, we made the decision to let her go. That was the hardest day in my life to that point, but I was there at the end of hers.

My step-father financially supported me in my infancy of the business. Instead of borrowing or renting substandard equipment, he “loaned” the money to purchase my own professional sound and lighting. Over time I had paid him back, but before he passed away, I received a check to help me grow the business. It was the money I had already paid and a note to forgive the rest of the loan. Bob was a great man and I honor him still this day, by working hard, giving my best and never delivering less than excellent service. He instilled those qualities in me and I am grateful.

I continued to be an independent person, and after 25 years of passion, my business has grown to incorporate all of my knowledge and love of electronics, wiring, sales, music and entertainment. I am proud to have been asked to record my voice on many voice mail menus and lend my talents of organization to numerous customers’ voice and data infrastructure.

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