Aspen Sound - A DJ entertainment company profile

Having many experiences with music since he was born, Rob, the owner and primary DJ from Aspen Sound, offers a special approach to your wedding or other event. He has been playing a variety of musical instruments, singing in choirs, acting on stage, and also doing radio work. After many years of working as an Assistant Manager for a large DJ company in the Northwestern Suburbs, in 1991 the timing was right to create his own “brand” of service, offering personal attention to his clients.

“I like to get to know my clients and understand their needs”, says Rob. “If I did the same thing every time, I would get bored and it would be obvious to everyone. All of the people that I perform my services for, get a little more than they expect. Not only do they meet with me before a decision is made, but I find that making the appointment at their home is more comfortable and less complicated for everyone involved. We usually start off watching a video to see examples of my style. During a follow up discussion, I answer all of your questions and concerns.”

In the brochure package sent, there is a sample song list, information about equipment, and more background about Aspen Sound. All the details of your event are presented in the form of a written contract to avoid confusion. He describes his service as personal, incorporating your ideas and guest suggestions to shape your event into a memorable experience.

After planning his own wedding in 1991, he gained helpful insight into planning a special occasion. Communication between all of the professionals hired for your event are key to your ultimate enjoyment of the day. Rob acts like a consultant and helps to coordinate all of the facets that surround what the DJ must do to keep everything flowing smoothly. If you don’t want a DJ to take over and become the star of the show, but have the ability to read the crowd, please feel free to call (815) 399-0075, or email

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