Every time someone calls and tells us that they just became engaged, or are just planning a party, they usually don't have too many ideas about what we really can do for them, even if they attended a function we did for their friends, family, or a company party.

We have a few possibilities to introduce or reacquaint you to Aspen Sound. Our brochure, which is online in multiple pages, can also be mailed or faxed to you, along with a personalized contract proposal to spell out all of the details regarding your event. We want to get to know you just as much as you want to know who we are. We have a video demonstration available that compliments a personal meeting. If you live outside of the Chicagoland area, we will be happy to mail you a copy.

For reasons of respect and privacy we do not give out information regarding the events that we have upcoming. Put yourself in their shoes, potential clients or friends, can not and will not be invited to your reception by someone from our staff. We also feel that takes away the concentration of the work we are doing for you that evening. If someone inquires for a business card or more we do have it available, but we kindly take their name and information and make arrangements to discuss matters about their event at another time. In some cases in the past, we have been told that other couples auditioning, are in the lobby, but will not be allowed in the room. We certainly don't want someone to feel even more unwelcome.

We do not have regular office hours, even though someone is usually in the office during the evenings Monday-Friday and on Saturdays until we head out for the days events. We schedule our meetings during the week and prefer to come to your home, instead of forcing you to drive to find us. This way, when we are done with our conversation, you still can be comfortable and get other things accomplished. But we are always interested in helping out with your plans. Any way that you contact us will be followed up or at least confirmed within 24 hours any way you request (phone, mail, fax, email) or at least a multiple of ways to insure that you know we are on the case. If it is important to you, it is important to us!

Please contact us to take the next step.

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