So why the dog as a logo? When I was in 5th grade, a college girl was walking this beautiful Irish Setter puppy out side our classroom. The teacher asked her in to do a show and tell, since he was a dog lover himself. She came in and started crying about the fact that she was trying to find her a home or else in a week she would have to put her puppy to sleep. The whole school rallied and put up posters to see if anyone would take the dog. My parents and I were moving from an apartment in Glen Ellyn to a house in Wheaton within a month. I usually went home at lunch every day and my dad always called for his messages. Well my mom and I asked him what he thought, since she just wanted to find a good home for her puppy, and after some checking her parents were willing to keep the dog until we moved and then let us take her there. As a boy of ten with no siblings, this was like having a new family member.

Her name was Aspen, she was the color of the leaves on the Aspen tree in fall, a beautiful burnt burgundy hue. We decided not to change her name, she was AKC registered with papers. She was a great companion and helped me with my paper route and played with all of us in the neighborhood. I really loved what I remember as my first dog.

As is very common with her breed, hip disorders ensued in her later years, she was almost 14 and even though it was really a difficult decision, my mother and I decided it was best to let her rest. This was the hardest thing I think I ever had to do, with such an outcome, but I knew it was the right thing to do. That was in 1990.

In August 1991, I officially booked my first wedding with Mike & Gina Lydon for June of 1992. (They still refer their friends and family to me to this day.) I didn't have a company or even a stage name. I thought of a few that didn't really fit me. I wanted something with elegance and to be unique. Another company used his daughter's name and used his daughter's cuteness to book weddings. But I didn't have any kids! I thought of Aspen as way to keep her in our memory. Everyone around me agreed, Aspen Sound was perfect. I still get people wondering if I am originally from Colorado or downhill ski, but I tell this story and they are usually touched.

My step-mother, Sandra, is a great artist and after seeing that I didn't have a real logo, she wanted to do something for me. Her talents captured Aspen perfectly, in front of a microphone, wearing headphones, and musical notes filling the air, don't forget the tuxedo bow-tie to top it off. It was really a great gift that I use on every piece of literature and feel it really fits.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about Aspen.


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